Larry Benowitz, Children's Hospital Boston / Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA

Inosine treatment for spinal cord injury

Funded in: 2010, 2011, 2012

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These studies will provide some of the preclinical data needed to evaluate the possible use of inosine in clinical trials and study the effects of inosin, establish the appropriate dosage, determine the best time for treatment.
Inosine is a naturally occurring small molecule, which crosses the blood brain barrier and can be administered intravenously. Inosine showed improvement of the functional outcome in experimental models of SCI.
Goals of the project are

  • to determine whether Inosine enhances the ability to extend collaterales to the injury site and establish connections with interneurons restoring cortical control to the distal segments of the spinal cord
  • to establish the appropiate dosage for functional repair
  • to determine whether it is effective, when treatment is delayed