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A team of experts developed the website There, patients can easily enter their level of injury and then find out where appropriate clinical trials are. Here are the 3 most important questions.

What exactly is
This website is for people with paraplegia and tetraplegia. Concerned persons indicate the date of their accident, as well as the level and severity of their injury. Then, all the clinical studies that they can participate in appear.

What is different than on existing websites?
At you will only find studies in spinal cord research. The search for it is very simple and clear. In the next step, physicians and researchers have summarized serious studies in a short and understandable way. This makes it easier to decide to participate.

What should be considered when participating in a clinical trial?
First, a clinical trial is not a therapy. Participating in a study helps to reveal the potential for changes but you also need to be aware of risks. You can find more information in the file below. is funded by Wings for Life. The website is currently under construction and is constantly being optimized and developed.