Virtual Premiere: Scientific Meeting 2021

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Whenever the elite of spinal cord research convenes, you know it is time for our annual scientific meeting. This year’s format is a premiere.

Scientists from all over the world meet in Salzburg every year in spring. They come to share ideas and present their latest work to colleagues. Given that a face-to-face meeting is not (yet) possible in 2021, we have devised something special.

Familiarising oneself with projects in detail and networking with other researchers are incredibly valuable aspects of the event. The exchange often results in new questions, different perspectives on projects, and – in some cases – even collaboration.

The Agenda
These are the main topics to be discussed over the next three days. There is time for networking breaks between lectures and discussion panels.

April 14th:
Stem cell-based approaches, biomarkers
April 15th:
Plasticity, rehabilitation, neuroprotection, imaging, glial biology
April 16th:
Regeneration, remyelination, SCI Big Data

The meeting is, as every year, not open to the public, as researchers present highly confidential data. Nevertheless, we would like to offer some insight:

The Virtual Platform
A virtual platform allows our guests to participate in the meeting from the comfort of their own homes. However, the fact that the participants cannot travel to Austria themselves did not deter us from providing some traditional Austrian backdrops. The Wings for Life building serves as the main stage, alongside a beer garden as networking area and an outdoor gathering place for the so-called poster session.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the event agency Brandmood for the fantastic implementation, and Red Bull for covering the costs of this platform.

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