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Together for One Goal

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On the 7th of May 2017, thousands of people all over the globe gathered to run in 111 locations in support of a cure for spinal cord injuries. 155,288 registered participants with 191 nationalities, from 58 countries started at the same time of 11am UTC (coordinated world time). The runners in Australia started running at 9pm local time donning headlamps, while the runners in Florida set off as early as 7am local time.
“Running for those who can’t” was the motto of the day and no less than 871 people in wheelchairs subscribed to this goal alongside the other runners. The Catcher Cars, both live at the event and through the virtual Wings for Life World Run app, sooner or later caught every single runner.

Records over Records
Dominika Stelmach from Poland ran 68.21 kilometers before she was overtaken by the Catcher Car and Bartosz Olszewski, also from Poland, ran the furthest distance reaching 88.24 kilometers and is thus the best male runner worldwide.
Only one athlete managed to cover even more ground. In temperatures of up to 40 degrees celsius, Aron Anderson, a professional adventurer, kept the Catcher Car in check for more than five and a half hours. He pushed his everyday wheelchair forward for 92.14 kilometers in order to claim the Global Winner title.

Together thanks to entry fees, sponsors, fundraisers and donors we raised more than 6 million Euros. 100% of the money raised will go directly to research to find a cure for spinal cord injuries.

Join our global movement next year and preregister here for the Wings for Life World Run 2018.