The Secret to a Successful Fundraising Campaign

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All you need is a good idea and a network of supporters to make your fundraising campaign successful. Here are some great examples of campaigns from the Wings for Life World Run Fundraising platform.

“I donate my skills in exchange for fundraising“ said Robert Seeger, describing his fundraising campaign which is running throughout the course of the Wings for Life World Run. Robert unfortunately can´t take part in one of the 34 locations worldwide on the 8th of May, instead he has created an alternative way to fundraise. Through his creation Speech for Life – talking for walking he auctions off his speaking skills. Once his project went live he encouraged family, friends and colleagues to donate. “For the highest bidder I will speak for free at an event of your choice, whether it be a corporate day, at a wedding or at a birthday.”
Starting your own campaign is simple. Set yourself a challenge, create a catchy name and express why it is vital to you to donate to spinal cord research. “It´s important to set yourself a target of how much you want to raise and wow as many people as possible with your campaign”, says Robert.

We remain hopeful, hopeful for a cure
Kayla Dametto also started her own fundraising campaign Kayla runs for a cure as part of the Wings for Life World Run where she and her family will be running for a cure in Melbourne, Australia. After a paragliding accident Kayla partially damaged her spinal cord, “I will never forget the horrifying moment when I could no longer feel or move my legs” she remembers.

Luckily, Kayla regained most of the sensation in her legs, “not a day goes by where I don’t appreciate the small things I can do because my legs allow me to.” Her goal to raise 2000 Euro is half way there and she is persistent to carry on until the target has been reached.
Due to their close connection to the cause, Inci Lakeman-Icli and her family are extremely passionate when it comes to finding a cure. Her eleven year old daughter sustained a spinal cord injury in a car accident in 2011. “Living with a spinal cord injury makes every day a battle and makes the simplest things in life a challenge. We remain hopeful, hopeful for a cure.” Through their campaign Running for a cure, running for our daughter Ameli the family aim to collect 200 Euro. Thanks to their supporters they have already reached 94% of their goal.  

Create your own fundraising campaign up until the 8th May or simply support others. 100% of every donation goes into spinal cord reaseach projects.

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