Some of the best Snapshots

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This year´s Wings for Life World Run was full of overwhelming and awesome moments. Here are just a few of our favorites. 

 (Christopher Kelemen)
© Christopher Kelemen

 (Roman Rudakov)
© Roman Rudakov

 (Andy Green)
© Andy Green

 (Damian Kramski)
© Damian Kramski

 (Marc Müller)
© Marc Müller

 (Flo Hagena)
© Flo Hagena

 (Craig Kolesky)
© Craig Kolesky

 (Thomas Sweertvaegher)
© Thomas Sweertvaegher

 (Marjan Radovic)
© Marjan Radovic

 (Joerg Mitter )
© Joerg Mitter

 (Armin Walcher)
© Armin Walcher

 (Ian Witlen )
© Ian Witlen

 (Sebastian Marko)
© Sebastian Marko

 (Tyrone Bradley)
© Tyrone Bradley

 (Marc Müller)
© Marc Müller

 (Samo Vidic)
© Samo Vidic

 (Rezi Kenia)
© Rezi Kenia

 (Bartek Wolinski )
© Bartek Wolinski

 (Lukasz Nazdraczew)
© Lukasz Nazdraczew

 (Kin Marcin)
© Kin Marcin

 (Flo Hagena)
© Flo Hagena

 (Marc Müller )
© Marc Müller

 (Robert Snow)
© Robert Snow

100% of entry fees and donations raised in the Wings for Life World Run – over 3,000,000 euros in the 2018 edition alone, with more still coming in – go to leading-edge research. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being part of it.