Setting the World in Motion

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When runners in Australia set off with headlamps in the late evening while Austrians head out in the midday sun, you know that something truly special is happening: the Wings for Life World Run.

Everybody starts as one, at exactly the same time, and with a shared objective to raise funds for spinal cord research – for all those who cannot (yet) run. We are really looking forward to the Wings for Life World Run 2021 after more than a year without any sporting events. Our Managing Director Anita Gerhardter is particularly excited: “It may sound a bit cheesy, but there is love in the air at this event.”

The highlights from last year:

In-Run Listening Experience

All participants start the race via the Wings for Life World Run app on May 9th at 11am UTC (1pm local time). During the run, we provide a thrilling listening experience to accompany and motivate all runners trying to outpace the virtual catcher car.

Simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store and register for the race. For those who are unable to participate, the Wings for Life World Run website offers a live stream with updates, interviews, and insights from around the world.

The corona pandemic has changed many things, but not the fact that 100% of all entry fees and donations are passed on to spinal cord research. Thank you so much to everyone taking part!