New Spinal Cord Injury Chair

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The „William E Hunt, MD & Charlotte M Curtis“- endowed Chair at Ohio State University (OSU, USA) has been appointed to Prof Dr. Jan Schwab, MD PhD who is also the scientific director of Wings for Life.

The Ohio State University is one of the world’s leading academic institutes working on spinal cord injury. Besides providing clinical care, Prof. Schwab will focusing on research into the immune response after injury at a unique research and therapy center where they cover basic, translational and clinical work. 

The aim of this center for spinal cord injury is to develop clinically-relevant treatment options in order to improve the  body´s own ability to regenerate the injured spinal cord. The integrative SCI center will provide a continuum of specialized care ranging from the acute surgical-intensive phase to neuro-rehabilitative care. 

“Right now at OSU there are 50 patients who are in the acute stage after injury and in addition more than 400 chronically injured people are also being treated” Prof. Schwab explains. 

Wings for Life is appreciating Prof. Jan Schwab contributions becoming chairman and we wish him all the best as we work towards our common goal: finding treatments for spinal cord injury.