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Extraordinary fundraisers

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Our supporters help us in many different ways. In the last few weeks, they cycled, ran and dressed up, anything to find a cure for spinal cord injuries.

Steven Dowd was classified as tetraplegic after falling from his bike. Having been treated at St Georges Hospital, London, by a Wings for Life funded trial, 200 days later he took his first steps. A further 200 days on he set out to static cycle 100 miles in less than 6 hours, the same mission he set when he had the accident. "After months of specialist neurorehabilitation, I still have significant issues to overcome but I can now walk. Without the right interventions it could have been a very different outcome for me. Wings for Life directly funded the experimental trial that helped me. That is why I support this foundation."

Thanks to donors, supporters and sponsors, Steven’s 200DaysChallenge has raised an incredible £27,509.47 so far. You can learn more about his story here and you can donate here
"Spinal cord injury paralysis is indiscriminate. It can happen to anyone at anytime. The impact is huge and costly, both personally and socio-economically. I'd like to see an end to people needing wheelchairs and with the right research, I believe this is possible in my lifetime."

Steven, we want to thank you so much for raising funds and awareness for spinal cord research.

* Fundraisers from Amer sports *
Already in spring 2017, the company Salomon organised a series of trail-running workshops, where participants could improve their running techniques and get a feeling of running through nature.

In May, the company Suunto attended the Wings for Life World Run in Vienna as consultants, as pacemakers and with a sales stand. The company donated a part of every watch sold. Both companies are owned by Amer Sports, which recently gave us a total of 600 Euros. 

Thank you for your support - we are looking forward to investing every euro of your donation into spinal cord research.

* The superfans from Hartberg *
Fritz Dorn and his team are enthusiastic motorsport fans. The 130 men from Hartberg travel across Europe to participate in the biggest HP-events. For their ‘home game’ at the Red Bull Ring, the men from Styria have invested around 1,000 hours to celebrate the return of the MotoGP in Austria with the perfect fan outfit. Read more about them here. "We took a donation box with us to encourage the spectators to donate to Wings for Life", according to Fritz Dorner. The creative team collected 697.41 Euros for us. We want to thank you from the heart for this. 

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© Sandro Zangrando

We are delighted to receive support in every kind of way :-) If you would also like to help us, please contact office@wingsforlife.com