"Everything matters, as well as helps"

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Kendra is 18 years old and comes from a small town in the south eastern corner of Idaho, US. She was required to do a senior project and wanted to make a difference. Here is how she raised money for spinal cord research.

Kendra, what was the idea behind your fundraising?
I have a close friend who is paralyzed. He was 17 at the time of the accident. It was a single car accident, and he was thrown from the car. He bruised his C5 and C6. The swelling is what caused the spinal cord to be injured, and now he is living with paralysis.
Also spinal cord injury is underfunded and not seen as something that needs funding for a cure. So I had to do research on many things about paralysis. Personally I believe that every illness in the medical field has a potential for finding a “Cure”.
I raised money for the Wings for Life Foundation with an event at my local bowling alley, as well as raffled off prizes.

Why did you choose Wings for Life?
My mentor, who is also my family friend who is paralyzed, offered multiple foundations that I could raise money for. His sister actually did the Wings for Life World Run last year. I liked knowing that 100% of the money I raised would go to research, as well as how kind the people are at Wings for Life. They were very on top of helping me with my project. It was a wonderful experience.

What did you enjoy the most?
I really enjoyed learning about the foundation, as well as at my event I was able to watch many people have fun bowling for a cause.
For such a small town I had many supporters, and it was amazing to know how many people came to help me with it. Many people from out of town actually showed up as well. So seeing all the wonderful faces at my event was the best part.

Who supported you?
My main supporter was my mother. She helped the most out of anyone and I do believe that I couldn’t have done it without her. I also had a few friends help with ideas, and actually help at the actual event as well. A few teachers supported me with giving the raffle tickets as well as helping when I was selling tickets at the basketball games.

How much money did you raise for spinal cord research?
I could transfer $1,621 donations to Wings for Life.

Do you have any tips for other fundraisers?
Try to do something that you will enjoy doing as well as most people. Put everything into it as you possibly can. Not everyone will support you but cherish the people who do support you. Understand that as long as you know you are doing something good for others rather than yourself, you are already making a difference. Also most important remember that even the smallest of things can make the biggest difference, everything matters, as well as helps!

Would you also like to support a good cause with your own fundraising campaign?
Funds raised go directly to spinal cord research. Contact elisa.krimbacher@wingsforlife.com 
or start your own fundraising campaign.