Sci Data, Nov 2014

DNA methylation temporal profiling following peripheral versus central nervous system axotomy.

Lindner R, Puttagunta R, Nguyen T, Di Giovanni S


The regulatory mechanisms responsible for the gene expression pattern associated with axotomy-dependent signaling affecting the neuronal phenotype, including the axonal regenerative program, remain unclear. To further this understanding, we recently performed DNA methylation temporal profiling in lumbar dorsal root ganglia (DRG) after axotomy of the central spinal (non-regenerating) and of the peripheral sciatic nerve (regenerating) axonal branches. DNA methylation microarrays for mouse gene promoters and CpG islands (Roche/NimbleGen) were employed after immunoprecipitation of 5-methylcytosine-DNA. Here we provide a detailed data descriptor of this DNA methylation dataset, which allows in depth evaluation of the experimental design, assessment of data reproducibility and a full interactive operator-based systematic data analysis. In fact, we offer a methylation 'hit' scoring map of the whole microarray data in a workable spreadsheet that allows data sorting by genes, conditions or hits of interests that is ready for functional gene annotation and classification. This dataset allows investigators bioinformatic comparison to other epigenetic and gene expression datasets and further experimental characterization of the role of DNA methylation in axotomy-dependent pathways.


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