Craig is my inspiration

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In 2012 Scott McCurdy completed a triathlon and a half marathon in Glasgow and raised £1200 for Wings for Life. His inspiration is his brother Craig who sustained a spinal cord injury through sport 18 months ago. We chatted to Scott about his family’s story…

How did Craig sustain his spinal cord injury?
My big brother Craig sustained a serious spinal cord injury during a football game in July 2011. Craig went to collect a ball at a corner kick and went over a defending player, landing on his head, dislocating his neck. Craig spent six hard months in the Queen Elizabeth Spinal Injury Unit in Glasgow receiving treatment. Despite this help, Craig has been left with no feeling or movement from below the neck.

How has the injury has affected your family?
Craig is an inspiration and someone who, since his accident, has become my best pal. Obviously as a family we had to help Craig to deal with his frustrations of needing someone to do everything for him. Simple things like scratching his nose, putting him in his wheelchair and feeding him. But I think the hardest part for Craig is not being able to do ‘Dad things’ with his young son Sam, such as playing together with his toys.

What are your hopes for spinal cord injury research and the future?
My hopes are similar to that of Craig’s; we would love his arms to get their feeling back. The thought of Craig high-fiving Sam is a dream.... which I hope will one day be a reality. I have been heartened by stories in national news about spinal cord injury patients receiving new treatments and physiotherapy then getting movement back. Every time good news is released, the whole family reads the story and it gives us some hope.

What do you like about Wings for Life and the charity’s work?
I like that Wings for Life ensure 100% of donations go into spinal research thanks to their partnership with Red Bull. The charity’s involvement with huge events such as Formula One helps to raise the profile of spinal injury research – this is such important work.