77,103 people ran simultaneously the World Run

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“We have all experienced limitations and restrictions in our personal lives in the past weeks, but things are getting better. People with a spinal cord injury are in a permanent lockdown their whole life. They too dream of getting their freedom back and doing the things they love again,” said Anita Gerhardter, CEO of Wings for Life. “Today, more than 77,000 people came together to give hope and help to put an end to this permanent lockdown one day.”

Thanks to the App 
At exactly 11:00am UTC, the participants of 171 nationalities in 104 countries began their run, whether it was day or night in their location. From Austria to Australia and from Tanzania to Taiwan, everyone ran according to local distancing regulations. It was made possible thanks to an App, which enabled everyone to run individually following their own course. Every participant ran or rolled as far as they could until they were caught by the iconic Catcher Car, the moving finish line. 

What a finale
During the final minutes, it all came down to the British newcomer Michael Taylor and two-time Global Champion Aron Anderson of Sweden. In a nailbiter, it was Taylor who prevailed with his 69.92 km. 

In taking the women’s crown, Russia’s Nina Zarina won with 54.23 km. 

We are overwhelmed, speechless and moved to tears of what you made of this year´s Wings for Life World Run. Thank you to every single one of you who took part today and donated. Together we raised an incredible 2,8 million Euros. 100% of all donations go directly to research to find a cure for spinal cord injury. Thank you – from the bottom of our hearts.