20 Actionable Gold Nuggets

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A key ingredient to successful health promotion is a good relationship with a primary care provider, which is often the family physicians. People with spinal cord injury have a high chance of developing chronic complications and their family physicians assist them with screening for life-threatening illness, preventing secondary conditions and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Family physicians report that managing patients with disabilities like spinal cord injury can be challenging while on the other hand, patients often find that their family doctor do not fully appreciate the complexity of their situation. To address this challenge, the Canadian Medical Association (with the support of the Rick Hansen Institute) developed an innovative tool called Actionable Nuggets.

Twenty nuggets
The 20 nuggets focus on the most important health issues that people with spinal cord injuries might face and offer specific recommendations. Actionable Nuggets reflect "best practice" and are available free of charge at the homepage www.actionnuggets.ca

Source: “Promoting Long-Term Health among People with Spinal Cord Injury: What's New?” McColl MA, Gupta S, Smith K, McColl A. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, December, 2017.