Wheelchair users and runners unite

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On 3 May 2015, wheelchair users and runners will compete side by side in one race. Gone are the separate wheelchair races. Everyone’s in it together – exactly how it should be. The only requirement: wheelchair users need to start in a regular, everyday wheelchair.

“The Wings for Life World Run is an event for everyone. We’re delighted that, in 2015, this also applies to the wheelchair community. Everyone who has a regular, everyday wheelchair can now take part”, said Anita Gerhardter, Wings for Life CEO. “Of course, we would have loved to see also race wheelchairs or hand bikes on the tracks, but they are simply too fast for this kind of race format. Safety could not be guaranteed.”

Everyone – wheelchair users and runners alike – will start globally at 11am UTC, and everyone will be chased, slowly, but surely, by the catcher car. When the catcher car passes you, your race is over, but the fun carries on as finishers catch the shuttle buses back to the starting area, where so everyone can celebrate in style.  
Please note that the accessibility of shuttles vary from country to country. Check for details with the local organisers.

Want to compete? You need to

  • be ready to have a great time, laugh and make loads of new friends
  • have a regular, everyday wheelchair that you can move yourself or be pushed in by a friend
  • have a wheelchair with two drive wheels at the back  (20”-25”)
  • have two small wheels at the front (3”-7”)
  • have two push rings and brake

Get yourself specced out, grab your friends and register for the most global race on the planet.