Sue Barnett, Clinical Neurosciences / University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK

What is the contribution of the different cell types of the olfactory mucosa for the therapeutic repair potential in spinal cord injury?

Funded in: 2010, 2011, 2012

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The project is about to

  • find the optimal mixture of different cells from the olfactory mucosa for successful repair in spinal cord injury,
  • characterize the different cell types of the lamina mucosa and their interactions in vitro and
  • investigate their repair potential in an experimental model for spinal cord injury.

Tissue from olfactory mucosa is considered as a potential source of stem cells and myelinating cells, which can be used for therapeutic strategies in spinal cord injury.
Aim of this basic science project is

  • to explore the biological characteristics of cells of the olfactory mucosa
  • to determine the effect on axonal growing and myelination in vitro
  • to determine the therapeutic potential of human olfactory cells for spinal cord injury in an experimental model for spinal cord injury