Barry Festoff, Midwest Biomedical Research Foundation, Kansas City, USA

Thrombin inhibition (blood clot)

Funded in: 2006, 2007

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Following spinal cord injury, thrombin, an important blood coagulation enzyme, stimulates nerve endings (so called PAR neuroreceptors) which then induce cell death. If the medication Solulin™ is taken within about 24 hours after the injury, this subsequent damage expansion may be limited. Solulin™ inhibits both the effect of thrombin and the PAR’s. In addition, this research project also investigates which PAR neuroreceptors have an effect on the degree of severity of the injury. To achieve this, ribonucleic acid (RNAi) is injected into the spinal cord fluid of rats to specifically target individual PAR’s and shut them off (RNA interference). If the study confirms that the extend of the secondary damage following spinal cord injuries can be reduced with Solulin™, then this could also be tested in a clinical trial.