Ingolf Bach, Universit├Ąt Massachusetts, Worcester, USA

Protein degradation (of LIMK and RNF6) in the growth tip of the nerve fibre: influence on the shape and motility (Cytoskeletion)

Funded in: 2006, 2007

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Nerve cell development very strongly depends on various molecular signals. The recently identified LIMK1 does not affect the formation, development and growth of axons. It was shown that LIMK1 itself is regulated by the molecule Rfn6. Rfn6 also regulates the growth of nerve fibres. Thus, there is a complex interplay between Rnf6 and LIMK1 during the growth and development of nerve cells. This project investigates the interactions between these molecules. This project should identify other molecules regulated by or interacting with Rfn6. The project aims to gain intracellular knowledge about nerve fibre growth.