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Wings 4 Life - Sheina and Andrew

The fundraising campaign has been completed.

Thank you very much for your support.

Wings 4 Life - Sheina and Andrew

Initiator : Sheina Pal
Deadline: 2017-05-06

The story behind

Hi everyone!

Andrew and myself (Sheina) have been training very hard for this race and I would like to fundraise some money to go to this wonderful event. This is very dear to me as I have come across special needs children in my work as a teacher with spinal chord injuries. It affects the children tremendously as they are wheelchair bound and can only crawl. It truly is heartbreaking to watch as a teacher, but imagine how hard it would be as a parent. Not only children are affected, I see lots of staff have back injuries at work from lifting incorrectly. Please donate, as any money will help!

Andrew and I are aiming to run 15 km before the catcher car tags us out. :)


Sheina and Andrew

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100% of donations fund research.

All administrative costs are covered by Red Bull. 100% of donations fund international research projects.