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Tri and Stop Me

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Tri and Stop Me

Initiator : Tal Aizen
Deadline: 2015-05-17

The story behind

Dear Family and Friends,

I'd like you to know that every day is a day in recovery for those who are effected by spinal cord injuries (SPIs). These injuries have a tendency to leave patients feeling vulnerable, insecure, and hopeless. Mundane acts such as eating and bathing, walking and running can be a daily struggle taking a big toll on these once fully active individuals.

I am someone who has been granted a second chance, not once, but twice. After herniating three of my lower discs, I have come to appreciate how lucky I am that my time of pain was short, and not permanent. I had dreams and accomplishments that were pulled from beneath me in the matter of a few hours.

Other athletes sometimes must recover for much longer or learn to cope with their disabilities for the entirety of their lives. Wings for Life is an organization dedicated to the further study of SCIs and the future of treating such injuries.

Please help me raise funds for this incredible organizations as I prepare for my first triathlon in May. I want the feeling of crossing the finish line to be available to those recovering patients running with me as well as those who will rise and run in the future.


3 donation(s) for “Tri and Stop Me”

Peter Luckeneder, 2015-02-18 5 USD
Tal Aizen, 2015-02-27 30 USD
Aleksa Lapnas, 2015-04-10 15 USD

100% of donations fund research.

All administrative costs are covered by Red Bull. 100% of donations fund international research projects.