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Alpine Rockfest

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Alpine Rockfest

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Deadline: 2014-12-17

The story behind

The 2014 Alpine Rockfest is the fifth annual event with the primary aim to combine sport with entertainment in a vivacious and lively atmosphere and thus draw worldwide attention to winter sports. It is a remarkable blend of music and ski racing showcasing a variety of the best alpine racers in the world through a modern fast paced winter sporting event.

The race format is a sprint giant slalom with 4 knock out rounds featuring an exciting Pro Style Jump before crossing the finish line! Aksel Lund Svindal, Ted Ligety, Philipp Schoerghofer, Bode Miller, Jon Olsson and Christof Innerhofer – are just a few of the alpine stars that have battled world-class racing fields year after year in pursuit of the Alpine Rockfest Crown and one of the biggest single cash prizes in all of ski racing.

With a huge number of spectators at the venue and on TV, we think the Alpine Rockfest also provides a great platform for charities to raise awareness and money for a good cause. Therefore we have decided to partner with the Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation. As organizers of a professional sport event we are aware of the fact that spinal cord injury can happen to anyone at any time. Wings for Life is an incredible organization that is dedicated to making spinal cord injuries curable.

Now here is where you come in. You can support the cause by making a donation right here! For every donation, you’ll be entered to win a special Alpine Rockfest VIP experience, including 2 VIP tickets for the event on 23rd December, accommodation for 2 nights, 2 days ski lift tickets at Paganella Ski (one of these is for 23rd December) and 2 Colmar ski jackets.

NOTE: The prize does not include transport and flights.

Any contribution you can make is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for joining us!

Alpine Rockfest Team

Donation deadline: Tuesday, 16th December

Winner announcement:

15 donation(s) for “Alpine Rockfest”

Anonymous Donor, 2014-12-04 20 EUR
Anonymous Donor, 2014-12-04 150 EUR
Gisella Fioramonti, 2014-12-04 25 EUR
Anonymous Donor, 2014-12-06 5 USD
Anonymous Donor, 2014-12-06 5 USD
Anonymous Donor, 2014-12-06 5 USD
Anonymous Donor, 2014-12-06 5 USD
Anonymous Donor, 2014-12-06 5 USD
rene goedkoop, 2014-12-09 30 USD
G. Stefan Zückmantel, 2014-12-09 5 EUR
Anonymous Donor, 2014-12-10 5 EUR
Gerry Craenen, 2014-12-11 50 EUR Good luck, from Gerry and Niels Good luck, from Gerry and Niels
Andrea bensi, 2014-12-12 50 EUR
Anonymous Donor, 2014-12-15 5 EUR
Valentina Tonidandel, 2014-12-16 10 EUR
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100% of donations fund research.

All administrative costs are covered by Red Bull. 100% of donations fund international research projects.