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Have you decided whether you will join us at the Wings for Life World Run on May 6th? Here are some good reasons why you should: 
1. You are not a pro runner? Perfect! 
No matter if you are freshman or a running professional – due to the unique race format, the event caters for all types of runners. The oldest runner to date was 99 years old and ran an incredible 2.3 kilometers. So no excuses! 
2. Feeling good 
100% of the entry fees will be used to fund life-changing spinal cord research projects around the globe. This will bring us steps closer to finding a cure for spinal cord injury and will provide hope for millions concerned. Amazing, right? 
3. Simultaneous start – globally 
You can run WHEREVER you are on the planet (we have not yet had anyone 
running on the moon :-)). You can either choose one of the Flagship locations, join an Organised App Run or run individually enjoying the silence. Whether Japan, Switzerland, Canada or a remote island, it does not matter where you are. The only thing that matters is for you to run. 
4. Who needs a finish line… 
…when the finishing line can catch you. Be aware of our catcher car. Some of you may be relieved when it passes you, others break out their final sprints to cover their final meters. 
5. Fun run? Absolutely. 
Superman, Tutu or Kermit the frog – we have seen it all. In short: The Wings for Life World Run hosts all the fun costumes, themes and great team-mantras. 
There are many more reasons to run and we are quite sure, that you have your own. If you have not signed up yet, you can do it here. We are looking forward to running with you!