Wings for Life World Run Anthem

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FROM DAWN TO FALL — or as they rather call themselves today, FDTF — was founded seven years ago in Vienna, Austria. The contemporary five-piece rock band recorded and successfully released two albums, toured as far as Japan, played over 300 shows and gathered loyal fans wherever they went with their contagiously positive attitude

The first single of their third album is the epic rock/pop-power anthem “You’re Not Alone”. Big drums, driving guitars, a highly infectious melody, sung by a singer gifted with some impressive pipes. Mixed and mastered by multiple Grammy winner Steve Lipson (Paul McCartney, Rolling Stones, Sting) in Los Angeles, the song is a manifesto for standing together, a message that every hurdle can be overcome by staying positive and focused. “You’re Not Alone” embodies that call to never give up, even when all feels lost.

“The cause of the World Run is so spot on with what we intended to say with this album, that we can’t think of a better opportunity to convey that message,” says guitarist Daniel. The band dedicated the song exclusively to the Wings for Life World Run, so all profits from download sales and music publishing income will be donated to spinal cord research.

A big Thank you to the band!

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