The Best Team in the World

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We honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry with joy...

We are absolutely delighted that 184,236 people competed on behalf of our foundation, and deeply moved by the fact that we managed to raise the incredible sum of 4.1 million Euros for spinal cord research.

All at the same time, in sunshine or rain, at day or night – we pulled off the largest running event in history together and achieved something amazingly beautiful in the process: to give people who suffer from spinal cord injuries all around the world hope of a cure.

Spinal cord injuries entail so much more than not being able to walk. The joy about the worldwide show of support is all the greater for our Managing Director Anita Gerhardter: “I am speechless. The number of participants was so much higher than we could have dreamed. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each and every person who ran, walked, or rolled. During this year’s event, we celebrated life together – and raised an incredible amount of money for spinal cord research.”

To all World Runners and supporters: 100% of all entry fees go directly to spinal cord research. Today, we were the best team in the world – THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!