Thank you, Dietrich!

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Dear boss, valued founder, mentor and friend, dear Didi!
At the time of his injury, you were the first person at Hannes Kinigadner’s bedside. Having seen how devasting an impact a spinal cord injury has on someone’s life, you founded – together with Heinz Kinigadner – the Wings for Life Spinal Cord Research Foundation.
Through your visionary power and your support, the research in this field has gained enormous momentum. In order to find a cure for spinal cord injury, you not only supported Wings for Life financially, but you also guided us with your wise advice and your sharp analytical mind.
You always said: “We have to focus 100% on research!”. You wanted to see progress, therefore you often questioned the status quo and encouraged us to also look for new and alternative ways to reach our goal faster.
Personal freedom was most important to you. Another reason why you wanted to ensure that spinal cord injury wasn’t just a question of faith.
Thank you for your visionary power, your generosity and your support. Thank you for all the things we were able to learn from you. Thank you that through your belief and investment we are able to give hope to everyone affected by spinal cord injury.
The gap you’re leaving behind is enormous. We will continue to give our very best and keep on working to make you proud and fulfill your legacy to cure spinal cord injury.
In loving thankfulness,
Your Wings for Life team