Lancet Neurol, Dec 2014

Restoring function after spinal cord injury: towards clinical translation of experimental strategies.

Ramer LM, Ramer MS, Bradbury EJ


Spinal cord injury is currently incurable and treatment is limited to minimising secondary complications and maximising residual function by rehabilitation. Improved understanding of the pathophysiology of spinal cord injury and the factors that prevent nerve and tissue repair has fuelled a move towards more ambitious experimental treatments aimed at promoting neuroprotection, axonal regeneration, and neuroplasticity. By necessity, these new options are more invasive. However, in view of recent advances in spinal cord injury research and demand from patients, clinicians, and the scientific community to push promising experimental treatments to the clinic, momentum and optimism exist for the translation of candidate experimental treatments to clinical spinal cord injury. The ability to rescue, reactivate, and rewire spinal systems to restore function after spinal cord injury might soon be within reach.

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