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365 days and 8,784 hours. This is exactly how much time we have invested to make our Wings for Life World Run even better. We have really stepped up our game to offer the participants the best possible event on race day. This much is certain: the 8th of May will be fun.

A Chase for a Good Cause

Our “World Runners” are simultaneously on the move all over the globe, be it via an app run or at a flagship run – united in a good cause across seven continents: finding a cure for spinal cord injuries.

The race is run when the participants are caught by the moving finish line, the so-called “Catcher Car”. It sets off 30 minutes after the start and gradually increases its speed. Runners participating via the app are spurred on with motivational messages through their headphones. Here is a small sample.

Everyone’s a Winner

Each year, a wide variety of teams are formed for the big event. Friends challenge each other, companies encourage their employees to join. One particular team is regularly among the largest: “Run with the Flow” headed by professional long-distance runner Florian Neuschwander. His team counted a staggering 3,500 members last year.

What about the atmosphere, you ask? Year after year, our boss Anita Gerhardter describes it as follows: “Love is in the air.” Wheelchair users, walkers, and professionals of all age groups and skill levels perform shoulder to shoulder. Everyone’s a winner here, as they run for those who can’t.

Best of all, 100% of all entry fees and donations go to spinal cord research. The more people participate, the faster we reach our goals of finding a cure and continuing to offer hope to as many affected people as possible.

Can you help us with that? We would be thrilled to have you. Register here.

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