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It’s official: our fundraisers are truly amazing! Hundreds have come together to raise money for spinal cord research. Thank you. It’s just 2 days to go until the Wings for Life World Run and just 3 days until the fundraising campaigns close. Let’s do one final fundraising drive and keep our campaigns totals going up, up and up in these last few days before the race!

There are countless examples of incredibly successful campaigns. These are some of our highlights from the Wings for Life World Run Fundraising platform.

“I volunteer my skills in return for donations” said Robert Seeger, describing his fundraising campaign which is running throughout the course of the Wings for Life World Run. Robert unfortunately can´t take part in one of the 34 locations worldwide on the 8th of May, instead he has created an alternative way to fundraise where he auctions off his speaking skills to raise money for Wings for Life. Find out more here

Kayla Dametto started her fundraising campaign Kayla runs for a cure as part of her commitment to the Wings for Life World Run -  she and her family will be running for a cure in Melbourne, Australia. After a paragliding accident Kayla partially damaged her spinal cord, “I will never forget the horrifying moment when I could no longer feel or move my legs” she remembers. Luckily, Kayla regained most of the sensation in her legs but is understandably passionate about Wings for Life’s work. She has already hit her fundraising goal but is still promoting her campaign to raise as much money as possible.

Inci Lakeman-Iclis’s eleven year old daughter Ameli sustained a spinal cord injury in a car accident in 2011. Ameli is the inspiration for the Icli’s family’s participation in the Wings for Life World Run in Austria: “Living with a spinal cord injury makes every day a battle and makes the simplest things in life a challenge. We remain hopeful, hopeful for a cure.” The Icli family started off their campaign by donating to their own page with this message: “Please join us in donating to this more than worthy cause. Lots of love from the Icli Family”. You can support them here.

Everyone has their own reason for raising funds. Here are of the motivations which have inspired our supporters to raise money as part of the Wings for Life World Run.

Joachim Norvik from the Netherlands started his fundraising campaign in the name of his son, Isak, and all others who can't take part. Here is more.

 “As a cricketer, my country counts on me to run between the wickets. Every time I run, I run for the million of Sri Lankans who support us every day. But on May 8th, I will run for the world” says Lahuri Thirimanne when introducing his campaign.

Jörg Mitter is a photographer from Austria. He says: “We always dream about the perfect picture...One of my BIGGEST dreams is to take a picture of the first person to stand up and walk again.” Show your support for Jörg’s dream here.

Valentina Di Giovanni from London runs for her paralysed fiancée Max. They set up ‘Team Max’ and have gathered friends and family from across the UK, Australia and Italy to take part. Here are more details.


Georgina Langton’s mother has gone through 3 spinal operations in the last 2 years. “Without the incredible knowledge, trials and expertise that the specialists have, she would not be where she is now. Being able to move, walk, run, swim, dance and live our lives is something we take for granted.” Georgina will run for those who can´t and raise funds at the same time.

Sandra Sturmhöfel will take part in the Wings for Life World Run in Munich. She and her friend Bianca will run in memory of someone who fought for one wish: to be able to walk again. Here is their campaign

Adam Breemy started a campaign for his brother Jason. “A split second fall changed the course of his life and the life of his wife and 5-year-old son. My brother is not alone” he says and has already raised more than 750 euros for spinal cord research. Here is more.

Peter Hughes writes: “A workplace accident saw me fall 5m landing on my backside in an upright position causing my spine to compress shattering a vertebrae in my lower spine. As a result I now have limited use of my calves, reduced feeling below the waist and no longer have full control of my bladder. It is hard to manage an injury that is not fully understood. I am running for those who can’t simply because I still can.” Support his campaign here.  

Armand Gokhan Altan from the US wants us all to stop a second and think how lucky we are. “We can walk, run, and swim and do so many things, but some people can just dream of doing what we can do. Help Armand to raise his fundraising goal here.

Sophie Elwes sustained a spinal cord injury in 2011 leaving her paralysed from the chest down and dependent on a wheelchair. “The past five years have been a steep learning curve; although it hasn't stopped me from achieving my goals. Let's raise some much needed funds to find a cure for spinal cord injury” she says. Support her here

Some of these campaigns have already reached or even exceeded their goal, while others are on their way. Let´s give these campaign a final push. Every Euro, every Dollar and every Pound brings us again one step closer to our big goal of finding a cure for spinal cord injury.

And here’s a little incentive for you: The Top 10 fundraisers around the world will receive the start numbers 1 to 10 when signing up for next year’s Wings for Life World Run.