One day... “I will be back on my feet”

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The Frenchman Baptiste Gossein turned his hobby into a career and lived his windsurfing dream on Tahiti, watching and waiting for the biggest waves.
In 2009, he fell off of his surfboard and broke his spine at his lower back. His injury means that he now belongs to the 9 percent of people who suffer from spinal cord injury caused by sports.
The former windsurf pro paid us a visit in Salzburg, Austria for a Q&A-session where we shared some words and asked for his immediate thoughts.

Beach. My life is the beach.
The first thought after my accident. The fact that I may not be able to go back to the waves.
Change. Change my chair for my legs…
My legs. I would like to be back up on them, walking and riding the waves. However, although this is what I want, I don´t feel anger or anything negative towards the fact that I can’t use them.
Tahiti. Is the love of my life.
Barrier. I try not to allow any barriers in my life.
Makes me laugh. Happiness and my friends.
My last highlight. I guess the Wings for Life World Run. I had such a good time in France where I took part.
Spinal cord injury. Something people do not understand – like me before my accident.
Wave. Teahupoo. Love.
Fear. To lose close people, like friends or family.
Passion. The ocean.
Makes me strong. Being in a clinic, looking around and saying you can´t complain, because you see people ten times worse than you. My accident happened when I was doing something that I loved. These thoughts make me strong.
Regret. Sometimes I think that I didn´t take enough time to do certain things.
Motivation. I’m motivated to try to get back on my feet one day.
Adrenalin. Me on my Jet Ski and big waves :-)
Freedom. As long as you don’t have a serious disease, for me you are free.
Wings for Life. I love the concept and the fact that people fight and help to find a cure for spinal cord injuries.
My next adventure. The season of big waves is starting now. You never know what going to happen. That´s cool.
My role model. Positivity is a fantastic quality - I really like people who have this characteristic.
Past. I was super lucky to live the life I had – I experienced some things that I will never forget.
Present. Currently, this is something which is not always easy but I see it as a learning curve.
Future. Hopefully bright. I´m positive.
One day... I will be back on my feet.

After our interview, Baptiste returned to his dream place Tahiti where he runs a Surf camp/bed-and-breakfast for anyone who shares his love of the waves.