Looking back on 2014

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Dear Friends, Partners and Supporters,

The holidays are about to begin and the year 2014 is coming to an end. It has been an exciting and very successful year for Wings for Life.

We will never forget the 4th of May - a day filled with many emotions. After extensive preparations, the starting signal was finally given for the first Wings for Life World Run. It was very touching for us to see how thousands of people around the globe ran for those who can’t.  

On 3 May 2015, the world will once again run for those who can't
On 3 May 2015, the world will once again run for those who can't 

Additionally, more monetary donations and donations in kind than ever before have reached us this year.  No matter how big or small the donations, they all make it possible for us to press ahead with searching for a cure for spinal cord injuries. A special thanks also to the growing number of fundraisers, who have been coming up with the most exceptional ways to raise money for us.  

Thanks to the new record in donations we were also able to move forward in research. With your help we supported 49 projects and clinical studies, an astonishing 75 percent more than last year. The spectrum ranged from innovative stem cell research to compensatory treatments.
But not only Wings for Life is pushing ahead. The entire field of research has done a great leap forward in 2014. At the beginning of the year, a fascinating study was published in the magazine "Brain". Four completely paralyzed patients received electrical stimulation of the spinal cord and intensive rehabilitation training. All four of them were able to move their legs voluntarily afterwards - a milestone. In October, news of the next sensation spread like wildfire. A patient in Poland was able to take his first steps after experimental cell therapy - a promising result, which now needs to be proven in a clinical trial with a larger number of patients.

Epidural stimulation showing amazing results (Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation)
Epidural stimulation showing amazing results  © Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation

So after decades of research, the field is slowly beginning to reap the benefits. In 2015, we wish to continue these extremely pleasing developments. And I am sure that we will manage to do this with your outstanding support.

Thank you very much for your trust. We wish you and your family Happy Holidays and a happy, healthy New Year 2015.

Best wishes,
Anita Gerhardter (CEO Wings for Life)