“It happened when I was eight years old”

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Jasmin Koskiranta from Helsinki (FIN) was involved in a tragic car accident in 1998 and has been left paralyzed from the neck down.

Please share with us how you sustained your spinal cord injury?
It happened in March 1998 when I was eight years old. I was going to a store to buy candy and while crossing the road I was hit by a car. My head hit the front bumper of the car and I flew 23 Meters. Due to this accident my cervical vertebra broke and ever since I’m paralyzed from the neck down. My injuries were so bad that the doctors said, I should be dead and that it is a miracle that I am alive. 

What was your first thought after the accident?
I don’t remember any thoughts. According to the hospital reports I was crying, I was in panic and sad and at the beginning I didn’t understand that my condition would be permanent. 

How has your life changed since your injury?
My whole life has changed completely! I can't do anything with out someone's help. My independence is completely gone and I can never be alone, because I need 24/7 nursing. After the accident my self-esteem has been really low and most of the time I feel worthless. After the injury I also realized that life could end or change in an instant, so we better live our life in fullest.

Which are the biggest barriers in your everyday life?
The fact that I can't do anything independently and not being able to do all things that “normal” people are able to do.

What are the most positive aspects in your life?
The most positive aspects in my life would be my desire to live my life with joy despite all the obstacles. Also my hope for the cure gives me a lot of positive energy to stay strong. My passions give me also a lot happiness and positivity into my life. Many can say that my passions for fashion, high heels, makeup and jewelry are stupid and worthless but those things make me feel happy and this is all that matters.


What are your dreams for the future?
My ultimate dream is to be able to walk again someday. My other big dream is to raise money for the spinal cord injury research. Other future dreams are to find a suitable career for myself and to travel across the world experiencing different cultures and meeting new people. 

What are your hopes for spinal cord injury research?
I really hope that one day soon they will find a cure for this injury, I also wish that spinal cord research would get enough donations to expand and put more effort on the research. Hopefully, the researchers would also put more effort on finding a cure for the chronic spinal cord injuries too. I would be super happy if I could even get off the ventilator or being able to move my arms.

How do you like the idea of the Wings for Life World Run?
I love the idea of the Wings for Life World Run! It's a great way to raise money for research and get people's attention. It really warms my heart to know that there are a lot of people who are willing to fight against spinal cord injuries with us!

Thank you very much Jasmin for sharing your story! It touches us deeply.

If you have sustained a spinal cord injury after an accident and are interested in sharing your personal story, just send a short and informal message to office@wingsforlife.com. We would be very pleased to hear from you!