J Neurotrauma, Feb 2018

Intermittent Catheterization: The Devil Is in the Details.

Christison K, Walter M, Wyndaele JJM, Kennelly M, Kessler TM, Noonan VK, Fallah N, Krassioukov AV


During the last few years, the international community debated urinary tract infection and re-use of catheters when managing neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction (NLUTD) among individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI). In this respect, the 2014 Cochrane review by Prieto and colleagues, "Intermittent catheterisation for long-term bladder management," became one of the leading documents that captured the minds and attention of clinicians around the world. Although numerous countries had switched to single-use catheters for management of NLUTD following SCI, the opinion that was expressed in the 2014 Cochrane review had a strong influence on healthcare providers and agencies to recommend re-use of catheters. However, many clinicians have expressed concern regarding the conclusions in the 2014 Cochrane review by Prieto and colleagues. We therefore conducted an independent appraisal of the data and analyses presented in the review. Our appraisal identified crucial discrepancies of data extraction and analyses within the review. In appraisal to that of Prieto and colleagues' review, our analysis revealed a trend to favor single over multiple use of catheters. After addressing our concerns to Cochrane's acting Editor-in-Chief, the most recent version of the 2014 Cochrane review was withdrawn from publication.


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