Exp Neurol, Jul 2019

Imaging in vivo dynamics of sensory axon responses to CNS injury.

Schaffran B, Hilton BJ, Bradke F


Axons in the adult mammalian brain and spinal cord fail to regenerate upon lesion. In vivo imaging serves as a tool to investigate the immediate response of axons to injury and how the same injured axons behave over time. Here, we describe the dynamic changes that injured sensory axons undergo and methods of imaging them in vivo. First, we explain how sensory axons in the dorsal column of the adult mouse spinal cord respond to axotomy. Then, we highlight practical considerations for implementing two-photon based in vivo imaging of these axons. Finally, we describe future directions for this technique, including the possibility of in vivo imaging of subcellular dynamics within the axon.

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