Focus on Safety

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Half of all patients have spinal cord injuries caused by road accidents. To counter against this frightening statistic, in the last few months the Salzburg national traffic department introduced an accident prevention scheme for motorcyclists.
Keeping safe on the road can save lives, and knowing how to prevent accidents is essential. Christian Somerlat from the National Traffic Department holds one of ten free safety training sessions, he explains, “we want road users to know their motorcycles inside and out, being more in control and reacting quickly”.
Bernold Dörrer from Tyrol described how easily an accident can happen. Since being involved in a motorcycle accident a few years ago, the former entrepreneur still suffers with a spinal cord injury, “I never thought that something like this could happen to me”.

As well as training days, safety courses for motorcyclists were organised in which 377 participants took part and all attendees were encouraged to make a donation to Wings for Life.At the beginning of July, Anita Gerhardter was presented with a donation cheque for 5675 Euro from the National Police Services, “It´s great how the police’s approach to preventing motorcycle accidents has been so successful and received so positively.We are very thankful for the awareness training and for the generous financial support for our foundation.”

100% of every Euro donated goes towards research to find a cure for spinal cord injury. Thank you so much for your great support.