Are You Ready, Mrs Gerhardter?

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On the 7th of May, our CEO, Anita Gerhardter, will be running in Vienna. In this short interview, she tells us what she is looking forward to, what makes the Wings for Life World Run so unique, and how well she is prepared for the challenge.

Which three words come to mind spontaneously when you think about the Wings for Life World Run?
Fun, community, and goose bumps…

What’s the most thrilling aspect of this event?
It’s unique concept… I love the fact that participants from all over the globe - amateurs, professionals, and people in wheelchairs - start running at the same time (11 UTC) for a good cause. And then there’s the moving finish line, the so-called Catcher Car that catches up with you from behind.

Why is it so important that many people participate?
First of all, it multiplies the fun factor. However, it is especially important to me because 100% of the revenue go directly to Wings for Life.

What does Wings for Life use the money for?
We promote top spinal cord research projects around the globe. Our long-term goal is to make spinal cord injuries curable. To this end, every donation helps.

This will be your first time running at one of the locations…
That’s right. In the last three years, I followed the run with excitement from the Global Race Control. That’s where everything comes together. Being on location and in the midst of things is a really exciting prospect. I am really looking forward to it.

Are you well prepared?
The preparations for the Wings for Life World Run are in full swing. That means I didn’t have a lot of time to train. The nice thing about this run is, however, that everyone can participate; no matter how many kilometres one manages. My hope is that the excellent atmosphere will spur me on for a few kilometres before the finish line overtakes me.

What can those who’d like to participate, but can’t make it to one of the locations, do?
No problem. That’s where the Wings for Life World Run app comes into play. No matter where you are, you start at the same time and run until the virtual catcher car overtakes you.

What are your expectations for this year’s World Run?
I hope that we will all have a lot of fun and create an incredible spirit. And, at the end of the day, I’m obviously hoping for many donations for spinal cord research.