2007: Branching out

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As Wings for Life turns 10, we take a look back at what has happened over the years. Today our retrospective takes us to the Year 2007.

19 research projects
... were funded so far.  

To regain the ability to stand and walk
… scientists in Austria explored an electrical stimulation (epidural) of the injured spinal cord. This stimulation induced an electrical field, which activated residual nerve fibers.  Movements could be achieved but not willingly. Based on these vital works, the epidural stimulation was developed successfully further in the following years. Today (2014), this treatment will be expanded into a clinical study with chronic injured patients in the USA.   

700,000 Euro
... were raised with the Formula 1 project “Faces for Charity”. Fans of Red Bull Racing were invited to donate and add their photos to David Coulthard’s and Mark Webber’s cars at the British Grand Prix.

7 publications
... were released, one of them in the medical journal “Nature Cell Biology”.

A patients’ guideline for experimental treatments
... was published by the ICCP. This guideline titled „What you should know if you are considering participation in a clinical study“ is aimed at people suffering from spinal cord injuries, their families as well as their caregivers.

Prof. Dr. Hans Lassmann
... - a pioneer in the fields of Neuroimmunology and experimental Neuropathology – joined our scientific advisory board.

We became registered
... as non-profit association in Germany.

... one of our supporters right from the beginning, donated 145,000 Euro.
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