130,732 racing worldwide for charity

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At high noon and in the deep of night, in rain and in blazing sun, recreational runners and top long-distance pros from around the globe have come together to run simultaneously, raising awareness and much-needed funds for spinal cord research. Also united in the movement are 20,556 Selfie Runners, whose buddies have rallied around them in teams that are blazing their own trails.

At each location, the moving Catcher Car finish line – driven by sports and entertainment stars like Formula One’s David Coulthard in the UK and Max Verstappen in the Netherlands – is now in motion. In the unique format, when a Catcher Car passes runners, their race is over. As the hours tick by, the excitement will build until the field narrows to only one man and one woman left running worldwide: the Global Champions.

Experience the Wings for Life World Run live now, donate at wingsforlifeworldrun.com, and watch it live on Red Bull TV.