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Walking For A Good Cause

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Walking For A Good Cause

Initiator : Philippe Eggimann / The Walking Swiss
Aktionsende: 2017-10-01

Über die Aktion

Hello together!

While we are planning our project, we made the decision, that this project should not only be for our, it should also have a benefit for others. We are able to walk and do such an amazing hike (Appalachian Trail) but there are many people which aren’t able to. So, we want to help others through this Hiking Trail and that’s why we chose to support Wings for Life with your help:

1. We want to walk for people, which were never or are no longer able to walk. Our feet shall be their feet.

2. Wings for Life is a serious partner for us. Every euro you'll donate is going to be spent directly in the research program. The administrative costs of Wings for Life are fully covered by Red Bull. A big thank you by the way!

3. Why not donating for a good cause

Is there a better feeling than helping others

We don't think so - that's why we'd love to see as many donations as possible come together through our project.

Every € counts:

We will walk the Appalachian Trail (3500 kilometers in total) and you can be part of our journey by sponsoring days of our trail to the foundation – or simply support us, because you like the idea. There is a calendar on our website, where you can choose your preferred days to spend. Have a look here: www.thewalkingswiss.com/wings-for-life/fundraising/

We will occasionally post some (crazy ;-)) thank you videos/photos for the donations on our Youtube/Facebook and or/Instagram account. You can be excited! And of course, you'll get a donation confirmation from Wings for Life! (from 50 euro upwards automatically; under 50 euro you have to ask yourself for a confirmation directly by the foundation).

How to donate

- Choose your days on our website, fill in the needed information and send the form.

- After that you can donate directly on this Wings for Life platform.

We appreciate every single donation, thank you very much for your help. Let's do all together something good in this world!

For more informations of our project, visit us here:

Website: www.thewalkingswiss.com

Facebook: The Walking Swiss

Instagram: thewalkingswiss

Youtube: The Walking Swiss


Sebu & Phil

The Walking Swiss


3 Spende(n) für “Walking For A Good Cause”

Sebastian Eugster, 2017-01-27 20 EUR
Philippe Eggimann, 2017-01-27 20 EUR
Pascal Kobel, 2017-03-27 50 EUR

100% der Spenden fließen in die Forschung.

Die administrativen Kosten der Stiftung werden von der Red Bull GmbH getragen. Jede Spende fließt zu hundert Prozent in die Rückenmarksforschung.