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Strive for Life

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Strive for Life

Initiator : Andrew Fargen
Aktionsende: 2016-10-03

Über die Aktion

I want to take a journey across forgotten America and serve as inspiration to all, a skateboard and the open road is all that stands between me and California.

This journey is to help raise money for debilitating back disorders plaguing the world today. I was diagnosed with spina bifida around the age of 13 it was a mistake on the part of the doctors they never found it before hand and it changed my life no more baseball or football my mother would send me outside with bubble wrap if she could.

Atlas I found solitude in my longboard it seemed to make reality vanish and take the pain away

100% der Spenden fließen in die Forschung.

Die administrativen Kosten der Stiftung werden von der Red Bull GmbH getragen. Jede Spende fließt zu hundert Prozent in die Rückenmarksforschung.