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Nottingham FEPS -  Wings for Life Fundraiser

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Nottingham FEPS - Wings for Life Fundraiser

Initiator : Danny Seeley / Foundation Engineering University of Nottingham
Aktionsende: 2016-04-18

Über die Aktion

Hi all!

Wings for Life are a charity supporting spinal cord research and assisting those dependant on wheelchairs. We are fundraising as a side project from our main engineering course, and to assist Wings For Life in any way we can.

We will be holding various events to raise money, such as a live Twitch stream on the 22nd of March; and perhaps even a pub quiz in the near future!

If you'd like to support us in anyway please donate; all the money goes to a really good cause and supports Wings for Life in achieving their goals.

100% der Spenden fließen in die Forschung.

Die administrativen Kosten der Stiftung werden von der Red Bull GmbH getragen. Jede Spende fließt zu hundert Prozent in die Rückenmarksforschung.