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Dream big - Work hard

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Dream big - Work hard

Initiator : Priska Summer / Julia & Priska
Aktionsende: 2018-05-20

Über die Aktion

We first met at a national Track & Field Championship in 2009. We became team mates and soon after also very good friends. Today, 8 years later, our lives couldn't be more different. Julia, 23, joined the Austrian armed forces to start her career as a professional athlete and is now one of Austria’s best triathletes and Olympian. Priska, 23, completed medical school in Salzburg and is currently working in spinal cord injury research. What still connects us however, is the hard work, patience, sacrifice and determination that is required in both our professions. In sports, just as in science, the road to success can be long and tough.

We're starting this project to raise spinal cord injury awareness. We also want to support 'Wings for Life' on their mission to make spinal cord injury curable. Our motto: swim, cycle and run for those who can't!

100% der Spenden fließen in die Forschung.

Die administrativen Kosten der Stiftung werden von der Red Bull GmbH getragen. Jede Spende fließt zu hundert Prozent in die Rückenmarksforschung.