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Desert Challenge

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Desert Challenge

Initiator : Sam Doyle / 901 EAW
Aktionsende: 2016-11-21

Über die Aktion

Dear friends & followers,

Wings for Life’s aim is to find a cure for spinal cord injury. Promoting advancement in spinal cord research will improve lives, and I would appreciate your help in achieving our fundraising goal.

We can all benefit from the progress made in research, because a spinal cord injury can happen to anyone of us. The main causes are accidents in daily life, such as road accidents or falls.

With this campaign and your support we want to raise funds to improve the quality of life of people with spinal cord injuries and bring about their recovery. 100% of your donation goes directly to spinal cord research, since the foundation’s administrative costs are kindly covered by Red Bull.

Please join us in supporting this great organisation by making a donation today.

Thank you.

100% der Spenden fließen in die Forschung.

Die administrativen Kosten der Stiftung werden von der Red Bull GmbH getragen. Jede Spende fließt zu hundert Prozent in die Rückenmarksforschung.