Med Biol Eng Comput, Mar 2010

Fast set-up asynchronous brain-switch based on detection of foot motor imagery in 1-channel EEG.

Müller-Putz GR, Kaiser V, Solis-Escalante T, Pfurtscheller G.



Bringing a Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) out of the lab one of the main problems has to be solved: to shorten the training time. Finding a solution for this problem, the use of a BCI will be open not only for people who have no choice, e.g., persons in a locked-in state, or suffering from a degenerating nerve disease. By reducing the training time to a minimum, also healthy persons will make use of the system, e.g., for using this kind of control for games. For realizing such a control, the post-movement beta rebound occurring after brisk feet movement was used to set up a classifier. This classifier was then used in a cue-based motor imagery system. After classifier adaptation, a self-paced brain-switch based on brisk foot motor imagery (MI) was evaluated. Four out of six subjects showed that a post-movement beta rebound after feet MI and succeeded with a true positive rate between 69 and 89%, while the positive predictive value was between 75 and 93%.


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