Gene Expr Patterns, Jan 2020

Expression of NFIA and NFIB within the murine spinal cord.

Matuzelski E, Harvey TJ, Harkins D, Nguyen T, Ruitenberg MJ, Piper M


The Nuclear factor I proteins comprise a family of transcription factors that are expressed in many developing and mature cell populations, including within the central nervous system. Within the embryonic mouse spinal cord, NFIA and NFIB are expressed by neural progenitor cells lining the central canal, where they act to promote astrocytic and oligodendrocytic lineage specification. Cells lining the mature spinal cord central canal retain characteristics of neural progenitor cells, but the expression of NFIA and NFIB within the mature spinal cord at a cell-type-specific level remains undefined. Here, we investigated where these two transcription factors are expressed within the adult mouse spinal cord. We reveal that both factors are expressed in similar cohorts of mature cells, including ependymal cells, interneurons and motor neurons. We also show robust and widespread expression of NFIA and NFIB within nestin-expressing cells following injury to the spinal cord. Collectively, these data provide a basis to further define what functional role(s) NFIA and NFIB play within the adult spinal cord.


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