Curr Biol, Aug 2017

Coordinating neuronal actin-microtubule dynamics.

Coles CH, Bradke F


The growth and migration of neurons require continuous remodelling of the neuronal cytoskeleton, providing a versatile cellular framework for force generation and guided movement, in addition to structural support. Actinfilaments and microtubules are central to the dynamic action of the cytoskeleton and rapid advances in imaging technologies are enabling ever more detailed visualisation of the dynamic intracellular networks that they form. However, these filaments do not act individually and an expanding body of evidence emphasises the importance of actin-microtubule crosstalk in orchestrating cytoskeletal dynamics. Here, we summarise our current understanding of the structure and dynamics of actin and microtubules in isolation, before reviewing both the mechanisms and the molecular players involved in mediating actin-microtubule crosstalk in neurons.


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