2005: The first steps

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After Wings for Life was set up in 2004, things really started to take off in 2005. We take a look back.

The first 11 research projects
... received funding by Wings for Life. All areas such as Neuroprotection, Neuroreconstruction, Regeneration, Remyelination and Compensation treatment were covered.

3 publications
... with Wings for Life acknowledgement appeared in print, one of them in the well-respected medical journal Nature Review Neuroscience. Such publications are a kind of accolade in the world of science. Technically known as "Papers", these publications certify the high quality of the scientific work and facilitate the exchange of knowledge with other researchers.

A flying visit to Novosibirsk
... to a Center for Immunotherapy and Cell Technologies had a lot in store for our scientific director Jan Schwab: frosty -20°C, a special “passport control” conducted by policemen with dogs inside a wooden shed, along with Vodka being continually offered at every meal. Unfortunately the presented project did not show any benefits for SCI patients.

A milestone
... in science was reached when Hans S. Keirstead reported in the “Journal of Neuroscience” that the use of human embryonic stem cells shows benefits after spinal cord injury.

At an exclusive meeting
... in Les Treilles, France, Wings for Life was officially introduced to an illustrious circle of leading scientists. Some of these researchers became later either members of our scientific advisory board (Zhigang He, Stephen M. Strittmatter), received funding (Alain Chédotal, Marie Filbin, Valérie Castellani, Yimin Zou) or are involved as reviewers.

At the 44th ISCoS Conference
... in Munich, Wings for Life organized a special symposium that had the aim of presenting new tools and techniques to improve neuromonitoring (Displaying the neurophysiological activity of nerves).

The amount of donations
... grew by remarkable 640%. Thank you!

Our homepage
... went online.