Fundraising campaign: From Oslo to London

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Christopher Perry recently went from Oslo (Norway) to London (United Kingdom). By now, one might think, “Ok, this is not unusual per se”.  But Christopher travelled the distance of 1.900 km on his bicycle, in seven days only. He did so to raise awareness and donations for spinal cord research. After his arrival in London, we spoke with Christopher to learn more about his trip.

Chris, how did you come up with this idea?

For as long as I can remember I have looked up to people doing extraordinary things and wanted to be one of them myself. So when I was living in England I was bored with always flying to Sweden and thought that there must be a better way to get there. After having checked out how far it was to drive to Stockholm I thought it would be possible to ride my bike there. A couple of weeks went by and I decided to try to do it in seven days and moved the starting location to Oslo. People said it would not be possible which made me want to do it even more.

"All things are possible until they are proven impossible - and even the impossible may be so, as of now." -Pearl S. Buck

And what was your motivation to support WFL and spinal cord research?

My biggest motivation to support WFL was my cousin who broke her back in a car accident a few years ago. She was like a sister to me when we where younger and I just can't accept that she has to sit in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. She had a baby a few months ago and I really want her to be able to run around and play with him in the future.

How long did you train for this project?

I have been training pretty seriously for the past few years and in December 2012 decided to take on this challenge. I took the training one step further and started training between 5-7 days a week. I did everything from running, cycling, cross country skiing, climbing and going to the gym. Before I started this ride I had already cycled over 7000 km this year.

What was the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge was not the physical part, which I initially though it would be. It was actually riding on roads that I had never ridden on, navigating through towns, bad traffic and sometimes even riding in woods and roads so bad that you wouldn't even drive your car on them.

Which moments will you definitely keep in mind from this trip?

The most memorable moment was when a girl came up to me in London after I had finished and asked if I had really just ridden my bike from Oslo. Besides from that I would say that the whole thing was one big moment as it was quite intense with only 5 hours of sleep every night. Crashing on the Belgium cobblestones was pretty memorable too.

Do you already have any plans for another project?

I have a few races to do this summer but my head is full of ideas and hopefully I can gather a few sponsors so I can afford to do them all. I would really love to do the Mongolia bike challenge and also to ride my mountain bike around Mont Blanc in one day.

Find more photos on Christopher's Facebook Page.