"We wanted to spread the word"

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The team at Profeet, London, a professional sports and footwear company, were so inspired by the unique concept of the Wings for Life World Run, they set about hosting a ‘taster’ race to inspire more people to get involved in the main event this coming May.

Robbie Britton, Wings for Life World Run and Profeet Ambassador and ultra-marathon runner led the charge on a 4 mile run towards the Profeet store in Fulham. In true Wings for Life World Run style, minutes later, catcher bikes set off in hot pursuit of the runners. Participants were then picked off one by one as the bikes caught them up en route.

The event gave a true flavour of what it is to take part in Wings for Life World Run and to be involved in the only race in the world where the finish line quite literally chases you.

Toren, owner of Profeet and supporter of Wings for Life said, “We just fell in love with the concept of World Run and the work of Wings for Life so much, we wanted to spread the word and get more people involved.  It’s amazing to have such an exciting and different style of race that can appeal to 5k runners or 50k runners.  You can’t beat being chased by a car to spice things up a bit!” 

Ok, we admit it, Robbie and a few hot-footed runners made it back to the store ahead of the catcher bikes but rest assured there will be no such safe haven on the 7th May when the Wings for Life World Run gets real.  

Massive thanks to all of the runners who took part and donated to the foundation, to Robbie and the catcher bikers and to Puma Running who supported the event. Everyone brought bundles of good spirit and camaraderie and of course, sincere thanks to all at Profeet for organising such a great event and raising further awareness. We look forward to seeing you at the www.wingsforlifeworldrun.com.