The Clay Day

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Captained by Ambassador David Coulthard and Red Bull Racing principal, Christian Horner, guests arrived within the glorious British sunshine at the stunning 6,000-acre West Wycombe Estate for 10am. Here, they were able to enjoy a morning coffee whilst exploring the estate’s grounds. Then, divided in to teams of 5, guests took to their fleet of 4x4s for some off-road driving to get to different locations around the grounds where they undertook simultaneous clay pigeon shooting.

After visiting three stands across the estate, guests came together to break for traditional English elevenses next to the Cascades in the center of the estate.  

Two final stands were then taken on before a final competition between the leading two teams to find the overall winning team.

During a relaxed BBQ Wings for Life UK Trustee and spinal cord injured Paul Stewart thanked guests for attending and shared the importance of the day. “In 2008 I was caught in an avalanche that took me off a 200 ft cliff. I was instantly paralysed from the waist down. I had only gone for a weekends skiing, the milk was still in the fridge of my 1st floor flat. This is a flat I would never end up living in again. This is the devastation of a spinal cord injury, it can happen to anyone, at any time and turns your life upside down in a millisecond with no warning.”

He went on to say “Please remember this is not just about walking… The person who breathes via a ventilator wants rid of that so they can go on a plane. The person with no arm movement wants that back so they can get rid of their 24 hour career. This is the work the Wings for Life makes sure is trying to happen on a daily basis. I tried to give spinal cord injured patients hope, Wings for Life do give them hope.”

First place went to Red Bull Racing Team 1 (Christian Horner, Daniel Riccardo, Max Verstappen as well as Aston Martin Chairman Dr Carlo Bonomi and Sky TV formula one expert Martin Brundle), second place to Manor Racing (Manor racing owner Stephen Fitzpatrick, Abdulla Boulsien, Vinny Casey and Racing Director, Dave Ryan), and third place went to Red Bull Racing Team 2 (former formula one driver Damon Hill, current Toro Rosso drivers Daniil Kvyat and Carlos Sainz Jr. and Red Bull Racing’s Dominik Mitsch). Best individual shot was awarded to Martin Brundle and Best Dressed of the day went to John Giddings who chose “to come dressed as a rock star”.

Over £80,000 was raised on the day, enough to fund one research project for a whole year. A huge thank you to everyone who joined us on the day and to our sponsors, Aston Martin and Tag Heuer and partners, Holland Cooper, Diageo as well as E J Churchill and the West Wycombe Estate.