Celebrating 2015’s Successes

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On Wednesday evening we were delighted to invite supporters from near and far to our UK headquarters for a celebration of another year of accomplishments. A mixture of friends, corporate partners and individual fundraisers attended the event, all of which have helped us to achieve our goals for 2015.

The celebrations began with a warm welcome from the head of Wings for Life UK, Nikki Wilson, which brought everyone together and drew on the strong sense of hope that everyone in the room could relate to. In the run up to Christmas we thought of those in hospital and spinal wards and how we aim for our work to improve the quality of life for those individuals in the years to come.

We were honoured to welcome a new supporter, Laurie Squirrell, who has grown up with a motocross background. Laurie told us her story about how an accident during a race in America left her with a spinal cord injury and changed her life. After educating many people on how living with a spinal cord injury is more than just being in a wheelchair, her story concluded with her own thoughts on how life goes on and how organisations such as Wings for Life offer her a sense of excitement and a reminder to not lose hope.

A great feature of the evening saw three of our scientists take to the stage and each speak about their current scientific findings. Dr Ronaldo Ichiyama and Dr Jessica Kwok of the University of Leeds and Dr Lawrence Moon of King’s College London took the time to summarise their work with informative messaging and diagrams. To follow, the scientists took part in a question and answer session in order to engage with the room and explore areas of interest further.

Andrew Douglass, CEO of innovision wanted to know “What role do you think Technology will play in finding an answer for spinal cord injury?”. Jessica Kwok replied “Technology most certainly has a role in spinal cord injury research and currently many projects are looking at how a combination of interventions will impact recovery. There is no magic combination at the moment but we’re working on it”.  Lawrence Moon added “I am more of a Biologist and Ronaldo has more of an engineering background. It says a lot that we’re currently planning a study together”.

To conclude a wonderful celebration, awards were presented to a few supporters who had selflessly dedicated their hard work and commitment to the cause in different ways. There were awards for the Highest Fundraiser at the Wings for Life World Run for the Biggest Personal Challenge and amongst others the Highest Fundraising Team of 2015, which was won by Team TriHard; Anthony Ward, Dominik Mitsch and Marcus Prosser.

“Our supporters have worked so hard this year and have raised a fantastic amount for Wings for Life. It is an absolute pleasure working with them and we are very proud of them and their achievements. We are so grateful to them for their ongoing support and are looking forward to continue working together next year and growing our Wings for Life family.” Rebecca Holt, Wings for Life UK.

We are absolutely committed to achieving our goals and we thank everyone who has helped us along the way.

If you have a fundraising idea and would like to support Wings for Life in 2016, please get in touch by emailing anna.lidster-woolf@wingsforlife.com